martes, 4 de junio de 2013

Guilty pleasure: Pep's edition

If asked point blank to describe me, most people who have the dubious pleasure of having made my acquaintance would probably use an assortment of words, some of them might be pleasant, some not so much. In this list of words that should describe me pretty well, or at least closely enough, it would be very hard indeed to find the worlds 'girly' or 'feminine' or anything of the kind, and maybe that's the reason why my guilty pleasure of today is so... well, 'pleasurable' for me. You see, the truth is that I'm a closet 'Cosmopolitan' reader.
I honestly don't remember how it started or why. I don't even remember how old I was the first time I bought a copy. I just know that there's something magically decadent in reading it and pretending, at least for the half hour it takes to read it cover to cover, that the world I live in is as easy as that, that my biggest concern is whether or not I'm using the correct bra for my body shape and the biggest threat to my life and happiness is that woman in my office who likes to steal my food from the communal fridge. It isn't, though. My world is as complicated as anybody else's and there is little or nothing of what I read in them that applies to my life. Having said that, I still read them every once in awhile, I still laugh at the kind of woman it expects me to be and I still pray every time I finish one that all the other women who buy it, do it in the same spirit and see it for the parody of feminism it has become.

Disclaimer: this is a writing exercise, not all that's written here's necessarily true. 

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Ireth dijo...

Right out of the closet! Loved it! ^^